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Conversation I heard in the club.

  • Shy Guy: Hey there..
  • Random Guy: Hey what's up?
  • Shy Guy: Nothing much, just wanted to say you are really cute.
  • Random Guy: Thanks dude!
  • Shy Guy: So, are you here with anyone?
  • Random Guy: Yeah, my girlfriend just went to the washroom.
  • Shy Guy: Oh God, I'm sorry, didn't know you were straight.
  • Random Guy: That's alright it's cool.
  • Shy Guy: You don't mind me calling you cute?
  • Random Guy: A compliment is a compliment no matter who it comes from.
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how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

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there are nice americans

there are rude americans

there are nice brits

there are rude brits

there are nice canadians

there’s justin bieber

Every year on Canadian Thanksgiving, we perform a ritual to purge ourselves of our rudeness, Bieber absorbs it all. He was never meant to escape, we are sorry.

He was never meant to escape.

…I’ve only seen this legendary post in screenshots

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i accidentally spilled monster energy drink in my fish bowl and now my goldfish won’t stop saying “bro” and keeps flexing its fins

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A sentence I never thought I would read


A sentence I never thought I would read

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sad thing is, you can’t beat this man in a fight so you can’t say shit about his fit

why would you say shit in the first place? this man is on another level

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There’s still next year, and the year after. And the year after that, and the year after that too! As long as we live, we still have plenty more summers ahead! There’s no such thing as a “last summer”!

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Favorite Studio Ghibli Quotes

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Sakura, Nozaki and Mikorin | The dork trio

apparently I chose a good day to get back into DL. Dark Fate vol 2, Ruki’s MORE CHARACTER song, and VERSUS II vol 6 all came out.

now to wait for downloads and translations. can’t wait!

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Track: Unknown冷たい血
Artist: Unknown無神ルキ (CV:櫻井孝宏)
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Mukami Ruki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) - Cold Blood